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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Puppet Saga: Episode VII Thomas Awakens. Caution is advised.

The Assassin League was a military group of clones lead by Darth Daniel, after he broke away from the Sith in 2015.[1]

Individual Assassin troopers were designated with "AL," the initials of the group itself.[1][2][3]



The League and it's army were created after the downfall of the Senate, initiated by Darth Elmo. Darth Daniel had acquired clones of Noah Tolmach whom were trained for fighting,[2] and were taught to track down the Jedi.


Select troopers from the army were sent by Darth Daniel to a vessel known as the Century Eagle, owned by a trooper designated AL-316.[3] There, they found him infected by a contagious zombie-transforming virus known as the End, and the rest of the troops dead. The only survivors were captain AL-102AL-114 and "Sixes".[3]

Journey to Earth-167

Sixes — designated AL-666 — left the Eagle, but did not return to their base. Beyond the knowledge of Darth Daniel, 666 was caught in a cosmic wormhole and transported to an alternate dimension.[4]

Finding the Jedi

On October 242015, the Assassin League were sent by Daniel to the planet Mexon were they found the Jedi Kermit, just after he had resurrected Thomas Muller.

Named members



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