The death of Thomas Muller was a major event that took place on planet Earth on July 23, 2014. Thomas Muller was killed by Darth Elmo, a Sith Lord who used the dark side of the Force.


The Jedi-Eternals conflict had recently finished; a war fought between the Jedi Order and the Knights of Waldorf, the Eternals.[1] The Jedi managed to defeat the Knights soon after the Battle of Sesamos, and when the daughter of Darth Waldorf named Kira Waldorf, renamed Veronica Parker, killed her father. A follower of the Knights, Sesamonian Darth Statler, took interest in the dark side of the Force. He used Waldorf's first name as a title: Darth, and set out to use Senator Milton Clash of Sesamos as his first apprentice under his new group called the Sith.[1]

Clash became "Darth Elmo," and went on to find his own apprentice, a Jedi named Daniel Mackay whom Parker had previously captured during the Battle of Sesamos. Darth Elmo soon discovered the survival of Lermit, and they fought on Earth in the town of Napoleons, where Elmo overpowered Lermit, killing him. The son of Lermit, Kermit, witnessed this, although after an explosion, he believed Darth Elmo to be dead.[1][2] Kermit flew the ship away, but crashlanded in the backyard of Thomas Muller's house, a human, who accepted him and his stories.[1][2]

Daniel soon fought Noah Tolmach on Earth after the discovery that Daniel had converted himself to the dark, while Daniel's Master went back to Napoleons after discovering Kermit.[1][2]

The conflict

Darth Elmo shot at Kermit and Thomas, locating them at his house.[1][2] He soon arrived at Thomas's house, advancing on the after they had destroyed his fighters with their makeshift lightsabers. Darth Elmo used Force lightning on Thomas quickly, and Thomas succumbed to it and fell back with nothing to stop it. Kermit screamed for him as Darth Elmo fled the scene.[2]


Months later, Kermit built a New Jedi Order with Noah Tolmach and Rowlf Swayze to go against the Sith, as Noah had survived their fight.



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