A Force-sensitive, also known as a Force-user, was any individual who was keenly attuned to the flow of the mysterious energy known as the Force. Among their natural gifts, Force-sensitive beings could see things just before they happened, which gave them faster reflexes than most others. With proper training, Force-sensitives could learn to consciously sense and manipulate that energy, which gave them special powers.

There existed several organisation that focused on the training of Force-sensitive individuals, each with a different philosophy; while the Jedi Order — including the old and the new — sought to protect the galaxy, the Knights of Waldorf used the Force for their own benefit, as did their followers, the Sith. Some Force-sensitive individuals weren't aligned with an organisation, instead finding other jobs such as being a pilot as Hayden Polm did. Some beings including Polm were unaware of the fact that they were Force-sensitive.

Sesamonians were the most common beings who were sensitive to the Force.


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