Force visions, sometimes called Forcebacks, were an aspect of the Force, an ability to see into the past and future, or acquire insights into present events. A power once possessed by all Jedi, it grew rare after the massacre of the Jedi Order. Some Sith, as Force users, were also capable of experiencing Force visions, and Daniel Mackay (known as Darth Daniel) was taught by Darth Statler to inflict visions upon other individuals.


On December 23, 2014, Darth Daniel used the dark side of the Force on Noah Tolmach, having him see a vision of his possible death, and the entire downfall of the Senate.[1]

Later that night, Daniel struck both he again and Jedi Master Kermit. Noah saw a vision of Daniel from a possible future, in which Veronica Parker was "the key" to something important.[1]

The next day,[1] Rowlf Swayze finally realised that Supreme Chancellor Milton Clash was actually Darth Elmo. Daniel also inflicted the vision onto Veronica, who saw the death of Noah prematurely.[1]



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