The Jedi Council was the main governing body of the Jedi Order.[1] It was made up of at least three Jedi Masters, one of whom held the title of Grand Master.[1] Lermit held this title in the waning days of the Council.

In 1997,[1] General Peter Muller of Earth barged in on the Councils meetings, telling them to disband.[1] Jedi Master Aura Zeckov tried to fight against this power, although Muller shot her with his blaster instead.[1] Despite the Jedi's efforts to fight against Muller's actions, the Council was dissolved.[1]

Later, Cassian and Aisha Marek, with help from Lermit, banished General Muller from Sesamos.[1] Out amongst the stars, Muller started the Darth Homer Initiative.[1][2]



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