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Kermit was a male frog who lived on the planet Earth in Earth-1218.

Kermit worked for Puppet Saga Inc., and acted in The Puppet Saga. He named the second episode Elmo Strikes Again.


The Puppet Saga

On July 23, 2014, Kermit finished filming Episode One of The Puppet Saga, along with his co-star Thomas Muller and their director, the Pig.[1]

The next day, Kermit introduced Muller to the new star, Noah Tolmach, who was set to appear in the sequel. Thomas, mad at being replaced, hit Kermit against a door, only to be intercepted by the Pig.[1]

Soon after, the main stars — Kermit, Muller, Daniel Mackay and Darth Elmo — sang "We're Doing a Sequel," during which Daniel named the sequel Elmo Strikes Again.[1]



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