Onré Arkada was a Force-sensitive Sesamonian human female Jedi in the Old Jedi Order. She, along with few others, managed to survive the Jedi massacre, and hid with her friends, a male surviving Jedi named Brax Yonju, as well as the pilot Hayden Polm. Together, they traveled the galaxy in the Gauntlet and hid away from the Sith.

Onré was friends with the deceased Jedi Master William, the Master of the boy who became Darth Daniel, and discovered late that he was killed in the battle of Sesamos, one of the climatic battles in the Jedi-Eternals conflict. She mourned his death by fighting off the Sith multiple times with her friends.

Behind the scenes


Onré was created for the television series tie-in for the Puppet Saga, Puppet Saga Survivors. She was designed to be a strong female lead other than Veronica Parker (who subsequently got a lead role in Exodus of the Humans).

Onré was named after the Puppet Saga Legends character Bezor Arkada, who once had a lead role in the episode Puppet Saga: The Beginning.


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