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I saw the future...

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Puppet Saga: Civil War is an upcoming sequel episode in the Puppet Saga. The story was originally planned to be about Darth Homer returning to Sesamos, but this was changed, although some storylines from the original plan were carried across, as well as from the Legends series Endgame.

It involves two teams: Noah Tolmach's and Darth Homer's.


With Darth Daniel having rejoined the Jedi, Darth Statler discovers the evil within Thomas, and the Jedi find themselves fighting the very war they thought was over.


Behind the scenes

The film is named after is named after Captain America: Civil War, and will use story elements from it.


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I: The Sith Lord Attacks · II: The War Begins · III: Afterwards
IV: The Fight Around Iapetus · V: The New Chancellor · VI: A Death In The Family
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VI: A Death In The Family · VII · VIII · IX · X
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Rise of the Sith · Back to the Future · Civil War
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