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Puppet Saga Survivors is an upcoming canon television series as a spinoff to the Puppet Saga. It is set during the timeframe after Sesamos: Rise of the Sith. It was the first spinoff created, and the first canon production to begin writing after Puppet Saga Legends was created.

The series follows the story of a motley group of Jedi who survived the Sith's attack on the Jedi Order by Darth Daniel. The Jedi include Onré Arkada, a teenage girl who was friends with Jedi Master William; Brax Yonju, a man in his early twenties who was friends with Onré as a Jedi; and Hayden Polm, a Sesamonian human who helps the Jedi and eventually discovers he can use the Force.

Plot summary


" know, it's a Rebels kind of could Tolmach and Swayze be the only survivors? This is the other side of the New Jedi without people banding together to save the Galaxy — instead just trying to survive."

The series begins weeks before Puppet Saga: Episode I The Sith Lord Attacks, and in the weeks following the Jedi massacre. The general premise is described as follows: "It is a dark time in the Milky Way Galaxy, as, although the Knights of Waldorf have been defeated, the Sith have risen, killing all of the Jedi Order bar a few. The Sith continue in attempt to capture the planets and star systems of the Galaxy, while two surviving Jedi named Onré Arkada and Brax Yonju gather help from their friend and the Sesamonian pilot Hayden Polm. Together, this group will face threatening new villains, have thrilling adventures, and become heroes."

Main characters

"We wanted our centre character to be female for this one, what with Veronica and Chelsea being the only ones..."
Noah on Onré Arkada[src]

Puppet Saga Survivors will focus on three or four main characters. They include the former Jedi Onré Arkada and Brax Yonju, as well as the pilot Hayden Polm.

Onré Arkada

Onré Arkada was a Jedi who was once friends with Jedi Master William, and a survivor of the Sith apprentice Darth Daniel's Jedi massacre. She travelled with her friends on the Guantlet, a ship piloted by Hayden Polm.

Brax Yonju

Brax Yonju, same as Onré, was once a Jedi. He escaped the massacre by being on the planet Earth. He knew Arkada previously, as they'd trained together in the Temple.

Hayden Polm






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