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A Sith apprentice was an individual (and on occasion, a child) chosen by a Sith Master to be their successor. They were known to take on their own apprentices in an effort to overthrow their master. Darth Daniel had two different masters - Statler[2] and Elmo - due to the three Sith just after the Jedi-Eternals conflict.


Following the end of the Eternal Knights of Waldorf, a Sesamonian named Darth Statler created the Sith, using "Darth," the first name of Waldorf, as a title. He took an apprentice himself, the Senator of Sesamos, Milton Clash.[3]

Soon after the Battle of Sesamos, Elmo himself took an apprentice under the ruling of Statler. He named the Jedi "Darth Daniel."[3]

Years later, Statler took a new apprentice, a new Jedi named Thomas Muller whom he made "Darth Homer."[4]



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