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"Come to the party!"
Party monsters[src]

The Party is an upcoming film written by Noah, and co-written by Thomas Muller. The screenplay is based off of a storyline for a game created by Noah, Daniel, Aimee Bennett and Thomas Muller.

The film is planned to be solely a screenplay written by Noah, who hopes it will be shot proper by someone else.


In 2012 and 2013, Noah, Thomas Muller and Daniel conceived a game called "Come to the Party," in which a short backstory was created: the characters are asleep near a lava ocean, and if any of them touch the lava itself, they would turn into creatures called "party monsters." The game starts out purposely having one person falling into the lava while still asleep and turn into a party monster. This "party monster" then attempts to pull the others into the lava with them, turning them too into the monsters. The winner was the final human left standing.

In 2015, Noah expressed interest on the set of A Death In The Family in producing the idea of the game into a feature film.

On July 24, 2016, Noah and Thomas began production on Come to the Party (the name was later changed to simply The Party). A simple story was outlined involving a scientist experiment gone bad.


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