This article is about the wiki about Earth-1218. You may be looking for the Puppet Saga Wiki.

The Puppet Saga Database is an external wiki hosted by Wikia that serves the purpose of being set in Earth-1218, and has information about the actors and characters around the show "The Puppet Saga," created by the Pig.

All pages on this wiki set in the alternate universe, such as Noah Tolmach (Earth-1218), are created on the Database, but with alternate titles and while avoiding the past tense used in this wiki's articles. The page with similar content would be called "Noah Tolmach."


The Database is a W.I.P. (Work In Progress) meaning that there aren't many pages created yet.

The Database is formatted as if it was written by someone in the universe, and in nearly present tense as if the events had happened recently. The Database doesn't identify that they are in an alternate universe or any universe; however, the inhabitants believe that there are multiple universes.

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